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Warranty and Repairs
As reseller we are by law responsible for the legal warranty of our products. This means we are as first party liable for the guarantee on the product even when the manufacturer offers a worldwide warranty.

Please check the warranty booklet for information on what is covered by the warranty. Store this booklet in a safe place, so you know where to find it in case you need it.

Common guidelines regarding warranty and repairs
In general, the factory warranty covers defects in the materials and the movement.
The factory warranty does not cover damage caused by daily wear or excessive use or abuse of the bracelet, appendages and crystal.
The warranty does not cover water damage when the watch is not used according to manufacturer's guidelines.
All watches are shipped in working order. The warranty does not cover battery life and/or battery replacement.
The warranty is usually void if unauthorized repairs have been performed by anyone other than an authorized dealer of the brand.

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